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Why is it important to secure your Wi-Fi Network?

The Internet is an amazing resource for all of us, but it’s also a dangerous place. It’s important to protect your network from intruders and hackers. There are many ways to secure your Wi-Fi network, and today we’re going to talk about 10 easy steps that will help keep you safe online and secure your device from external threats. Why is it important to secure your Wi-Fi Network? Many people still take security for granted and don’t consider the consequences of their behaviors. Hackers are everywhere these days, so if you’re not careful with your Wi-Fi network security, then someone could end up stealing your personal information at any moment. Here are the top reasons why securing your office and home Wi-Fi network is essential:
  • It is essential to know that your home Wi-Fi network can be accessed out of your house, too, as you cannot limit the range of the network to a specific radius. So, intruders can exploit this and can get hold of your network and eventually your devices.
  • By getting their hand on an unsecure Wi-Fi network, a cyberattacker can do the following
    • Remotely control your system and access all files and folders.
    • Spread malware on your device.
    • Use your device or network to conduct illicit activities.
    • Slow down the system and internet connection
  • A secured Wi-Fi network could save you from identity theft
  • Keep your private conversations private (online banking, email).
  • Stop data throttling by ISP’s (internet service providers) to get you to pay for using the internet more than they want you to.
  • Prevent Internet Service Provider from blocking or redirecting you to certain websites.
  • Keep your kids safe online by making sure that they can’t access inappropriate content.
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